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To assist you, we offer some basic comparative essay writing tips. Remember all essays follow the same basic format: lead with an introduction that includes a hook that compels scorsese essay reader to continue reading, then proceed with a thesis statement that you will either prove or refute in scorsese essay paper. Write several paragraphs that supports scorsese essay thesis and finally a conclusion that wraps up what you've written. A way to summarize this would be "tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you've told them." don't forget to run spell check on scorsese essay final product and check that words are contextually correct. Putting scorsese essay essay aside for a day or so (if you have the time) and then re-reading it might help you to catch spelling and/or other minor mistakes you might have missed earlier. Do you have access to a plagiarism checker? Consider using it to be sure you've properly attributed quotes or thoughts from scorsese essay sources. In the introduction, you should map out where you are going (main arguments or idea) and key points or phrases to scorsese essay argument. The supporting evidence should be in a logical order. You should also define the terms of reference and quote the primary context. The research proposal must be written by you. Any information from other sources should be cited. Always make sure to clearly differentiate sections in the text which have been posted by you and which by another author. Any information that is not mentioned due or that may be considered plagiarism, disqualify immediately.

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